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Chinese Teams Have Made Iron Man’s JARVIS AI a Reality

April 03, 2023 In today's world, we heavily rely on specialized AIs to solve complex problems such as content generation. But what if we had a deputy to assist with the managerial work?

Water Found on the Moon

March 29, 2023 This discovery has significant implications for lunar exploration, space travel, and our understanding of the solar system.

Genetic history: the origin of modern-day Tibetan Chinese and their perseverance

March 27, 2023 As unravel the mysteries of genetic past, we gain a deeper understanding of the inherent resilience that has allowed humanity to thrive in even the most inhospitable environments.

Chinese Scientists Achieve a Breakthrough in Quantum Computing, Bringing Practical Applications Closer

March 24, 2023 This development could help solve one of the major challenges in building practical quantum computers.

Chinese Scientists Spots the Earliest Stars Lighting up the Universe

March 1, 2023 CAS found evidence of Helium II in a distant galaxy only 620 million years after the Big Bang, thus confirming the first stars in the universe.

Blast the music! The science behind music and pain-relieve

February 17, 2023 This result indicates that sound-induced analgesia could serve as an alternative treatment for pain management.

After ChatGPT & AIGC, AIGA (Action) Might Be the Next Big Thing

March 22, 2023 The storm that has taken the world by AIGC suggests that the influence of large language models could extend beyond the virtual world and into the physical realm. They are not the only ...

China’s TOP10 breakthroughs in science and technology in 2022

March 21, 2023 The areas covered include aerospace exploration, genetic study of COVID-19, innovative techniques of chemical synthesis, clean energy, quantum computing, high-performance memory storage...

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