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Mapping China’s Youth Culture: Little Pink’s Evolution
Young people are generally confident about the future of the country at the macro level, but pessimistic about their personal life prospects at the micro level, anxious about employment, marriage, and childbearing issues.
How is Geopolitics Impacting Business?
March 3, 2023, Shanghai
The China-Africa Dialogue Thinkers Forum
February 13, 2023, Shanghai
This week in China
Former Brazil: China and Brazil Ditch US Dollar For Trade
Honduras’s President Castro Set to Visit China Soon
Beijing Encourages Photovoltaic Power Bases To Be Built in Gobi Deserts
PLA Ground Force Launched First Qualification for Drone Specialist
Water Found on the Moon: Implications for Lunar Exploration and Space Travel
Genetic history: the origin of modern-day Tibetan Chinese and their perseverance
Technology & Science

March 22, 2023
The storm that has taken the world by AIGC suggests that the influence of large language models could extend beyond the virtual world and into the physical realm. They are not the only ones exploring this idea.

A Taiwanese Dissident on the Future of China

February 14, 2023
The gestation, development and frustration of socialist thinking in Taiwan.

As a Taiwanese, he said: Peaceful reunification is the only way for Taiwan to survive

March 7, 2023

Taiwan's Workers' Movement

March 14, 2023

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Will the real estate sector remain the driver of China’s economic growth?
We’ve chosen and translated competing ideas on the future of China’s economy & the role of the real estate sector from ten top Chinese economists
China's population declined for the first time in 2022, entering a demographic crisis?

January 18, 2023
The population problem varies by stage of development. Non-industrialized countries face rapid population growth without access to education and jobs, whereas industrialized countries face rapid population decline and deterioration of the population structure.

China-Global South

January 16, 2023
“This is the logic of the new world we want to bulid. We don't need a world where people live on the street, a world where people don't have coffe with milk to drink before they go to bed."

Chinese balloon incident

February 17, 2023
Public reaction to the balloon drama is vastly different on the two sides of the Pacific. The situation could lead to further escalation between the two nations.