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When Biden said US would defend Taiwan, what exactly is it defending? |Overlap| Rania &Albert

As tension between China and the United States escalates, the Taiwan question is now becoming one of the main battlefields. When everyone put their attention on the confrontations between two countries, only a few notice the public opinion from both sides. Where does the common sense among Chinese people that Taiwan is a part of China originate from? When Washington claims its support for Taiwan, is it out of the belief of defending democracy, or is it only to throw Taiwan under the bus to drain mainland China? As the politicians start the fire across the Strait, does the general public in the US have any knowledge about Taiwan and its people? How much are Americans willing to protect the island thousands of miles away from their homeland? Today, we have Rania from @Breakthrough News and Albert, one of the most popular influencers in China, to talk about all these concerns among the young generations in the two countries.