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A background generator project is something you can use more than once. As a full-time developer, you might be called upon to build similar applications multiple times for different clients. Once you get the logic down through practice, it becomes a core skill you can set up quickly.

In addition, be sure to have text sections that allow for comments, as well as a search engine, on your website. The project story revolves around creating a website that performs in the same way as the original BBC News website. It would be best to take screenshots of the website’s interface, parts and features, and interactive components.

Web Dev Projects for Beginners & Intermediate

For instance, you can use image sliders to showcase the restaurant’s menu options. Alternatively, you can use CSS grid or flexbox to align the food items. Simple animations on buttons and images can also give HTML web development your website an exciting look. A survey form project will test your knowledge and proficiency in interactive controls. It covers the full range of UI/UX, including receiving and submitting user input.
html web development projects
It will entail the creation of a static page that will present the specifics of an event (conference, webinar, product launch, etc.). This is the best way to truly absorb the concepts you’re applying, whether that’s how list items work or how padding changes the browser appearance of your HTML page. I really like this because it’s a solid introduction to new concepts for beginners, including some more HTML5 semantic tags. Moving on to the second HTML project for beginners in our list, let’s build a recipe page.


You will also deal with color combinations, padding, margins, section, paragraph, and box spacing. Learning to code is always exciting and fun for everyone and when it comes to stepping into the programming world most of the people start with the easiest thing HTML and CSS. Every beginner’s coding journey in frontend starts with these two basic building blocks and you need to be creative when it comes to designing a beautiful application.

  • Whenever an idea comes to mind, they can just write down the idea in the notes app.
  • No matter what after learning everything at some point you will realize that making a project is important to practice HTML and CSS skills.
  • You can also explore JavaScript to add interactive features, such as dropdown menus or smooth scrolling navigation.
  • For instance, you can incorporate media queries to adjust the layout and styling based on screen dimensions.
  • Clients might hire you to design a single-page layout for a portfolio or event website.

To make a tribute page, you only need a basic understanding of HTML concepts. Yes, you can add some of our projects to your resume like a portfolio website, gym website, e-commerce website, travel website, and weather app. Project Details – An age calculator using JavaScript is a practical web tool that instantly calculates a user’s age based on their birthdate.

Tic Tac Toe Game Using HTML,CSS and JavaScript

Where you can find programming resources for web development such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, Programming Resources, Web Design. One of my most recent favorites, The Complete 2023 Web Development Bootcamp by Dr. Angela Yu is one of the best web development courses for beginners I’ve come across. Build Responsive Real World Websites with HTML5 and CSS3 was my first online web development course focused 100% on HTML and CSS. Then move on to more demanding cloning projects, such as a news website. If you want to challenge yourself, add recipe categories and create separate directory pages for each of them. Creating an online recipe book as an HTML and CSS project requires a similar setup than the previous project example.
html web development projects
This HTML assignment is a great chance to show off your knowledge of form design and webpage structure. This is probably one of the easiest HTML practice projects you could do. As you may guess from the name, a tribute webpage honours someone you admire and find inspiring.
html web development projects
If you’re looking to get into web development, one of the best HTML and CSS projects you can build is a simple restaurant menu. Building an interactive navigation bar will teach you how to create an animated menu with dropdowns using HTML and CSS. Of course, the iPhone landing page is technically complex, so you won’t build it as your first project.

Some beginners use online website builders like Wix, WordPress, and Elementor to create parallax websites quickly. However, these tools undermine the challenge and learning process of creating a parallax effect from scratch. When it comes to learning HTML and CSS, practice really makes perfect. I hope you found a few inspirational ideas here to start building your next project right away.