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About us

About Us
"Existing mainstream media coverage of China is
  ideologically confined, outdated, & lacking in depth or context."

The China Academy was established by a group of young media professionals and academics. We have extensive reach in and unique access to influencers at all levels of the Chinese government, media, academia and business communities.

Through multi-media distribution and on-demand consulting, we will provide up-to-date, in-depth & contextual information about contemporary China. We work with subject matter experts who advise China's top decision makers. We have a proven track record; we created a syndicate of intellectual content with 150 million online subscribers, mostly Chinese youth, and a nationally top rated current affairs TV show within four years of its inception.
Our new journey takes us overseas. We're presenting China the way contemporary Chinese youth & opinion leaders see the country, as well as bringing you insights into how China's most influential thinkers, business leaders, and policy advisors see the world.

Our team will


Present original programming and source quality content from China, in fields ranging from politics, economics, science, business, culture and history.


Develop original curriculums, presented by top scholars, government and military officials from China. By learning the foundational logic of how China works, business & public policy stakeholders around the world can raise their China IQ.


Host online and offline forums about China, organize study and business tours to China.


Provide on-demand consulting services, with China's leading experts in the fields of politics, economics, branding, media, public relations, government relations and public sentiments.

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China Content Center
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